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23 07 2011

We have a problem in the area surrounding Northern Nevada.  There is a perception that the region does not have a high tech community.  This misguided view hurts our ability to attract new business and keep talented resources in our market.  I am starting this blog to highlight all of the accomplishments the region has under our belt and to build an online dialogue with like-minded individuals.  As we build the community and presence we will naturally dispel the myth and we can together tackle other issues.

We have another responsibility as a community as well.  We need to sustain our professions.  We are not graduating engineering and science degrees nearly in the amount that we need to.  We must fill the attention gap that might allow inquisitive youth to wander away into other careers.  By being a fun, welcoming and mentoring community — and by showing off a little in public, we can ignite the fires of curiosity that may sustain local students through their college studies.

Together we can also work to influence other regional stakeholders.  People that speak with one voice draw more attention.  By building a community we can better harmonize our message.  One of the first goals, for instance, could be to draw attention to the lack of a store like Fry’s in the region. Don’t get me wrong, Sandy’s is great, they are friendly and helpful and they are the only game in town, so it could be worse.  I think you will agree that together we can be more effective at finding resolutions to our pressing issues.  As a community we will also find ways to help ourselves solve our own problems.  Sometimes it can be very helpful to have a friendly eye review a conundrum and help brainstorm resolutions.

I am a native of Reno and have traveled quite a bit as a radio-frequency engineer.  Currently I work for a large transnational telcom OEM as well as for myself.  You can get more background on my history on the About Paul tab on this page above, as well as on LinkedIn.  This blog is not specifically about me, but obviously will be flavored by my interests and access to information.  If you have a topic you would like covered, please, by any means, contact me.

Therefore, I intend to blog at least once every week and talk about the exciting happenings that really are going on all around us.  Please join me on this blog as an email subscription, as an RSS feed, even on Twitter, @psrenotech.  This is my first blog and will kindly accept any advice or corrections you may have to offer.

Please, join me in making this place even better.  Thanks for your Time.





2 responses

27 07 2011
Nick I.


Good luck in your new blogging endeavor. I have to admit that as a former Renoite (but current outsider), my perception has been that there isn’t a lot of high tech employment in Northern Nevada. Hope to see you prove me wrong.

-Nick I.

29 07 2011

Thanks Nick, I wanted to reply publicly as well as privately, however due my inexperience blogging it took a couple of days to find how to reply to comments. The region has been seeing quite a few startups over the last decade or so, although I agree that I would love to see some bigger names setting up shop here. Stay tuned and hopefully I’ll find a reason for you to move back:)

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