Wireless tech in Northern Nevada and the Sierras pt. 2

30 07 2011


Nevada’s inventory tax structure has lead to quite a few companies taking advantage of Reno’s west coast centralized location.  Seattle to San Diego to Salt Lake City, we have a same day delivery opportunity.  And where there is warehouse, there is company infrastructure.  Many “distributors” have an in-house call center that specializes in their product.

We are blessed with Tessco having a facility that you can drive your C-130 up to for loading.  I am reticent to admit that there has been more than one situation where I’ve had to give my Amex to the receptionist for emergency repairs.  That is their commitment to support.  Far more than simply a distro hub, Tessco is a full solution provider for much of your wireless and wired telco infrastructure needs.  They have engineers and solutions providers on premises most hours of the week.  I am happy to say that they saved my “tuchas” more than once.   In repayment, I have certainly sent engineers and customers their direction and also have made the cell site across from their location a training tool, instructing new hires etc. on the real world applications.  Tessco also sponsors local tech-events that not only educates the local techies, but also brings in a great many visitors – especially from the government sector.  I hope they continue that vane and I will help publicize as I can.

Those little curly cue antenna’s everyone had on the back of their Mercedes in the ’90s:  hmm, I apologize for no picture as there seem to be legal reasons not to post the patch antenna pattern

Irregardless (because you’ve never heard of a ‘guardless’), my springboard to Lucent was at Allen Telecom’s Antenna Specialist Research and Development lab on Longley.   Besides watching the coyotes moussing where Gold’s Gym is today, we designed and developed the comb line filters, the cavity resonators as well as the antennas.  We tested to mil-spec many types of communications equipment for several governments.  The filters we designed on Longley, and later at the new facilty off Prater went into many thousand cell sites around the world.

As it works in telcom as much as aero, there is much turbulence (from which we can grasp the ideas out of chaos).  The Antenna Specialists R&D lab became part of the Allen Telecom Group, bought by Decibel, bought by Andrew, bought by Commscope.  Who, incidentally, has a manufacturing facility off Gregg St in Sparks.  Here you have the heartbeat of wireless.  They ship material around the world and have every incentive to build on their technology roots.

Given our locality, I should mention that nearly all of the wireless telcom inventory that the western civilization should need into the foreseeable future is in a warehouse in Patrick.

I’m going to wrap on that thought.  But let me just say, that should the SHTF, there is no other location that is self supportive as we are.  We have all the emergency supplies that are already to be distro’d out west.  And we also have the meat of the infrastructure  on standby.




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