Wireless Tech in Northern Nevada and the Sierras pt. 3

1 08 2011

In this third installment focusing on the Wireless technology sector in the region I want draw attention to several of the local small businesses that have supported the community for years.

Sierra Electronics has been installing various radio systems in vehicles since 1964.  The Public Safety sector is one of their major customer sector but they are not exclusive and have offices for walk-ins off Glendale as well as in Elko.  They specialize in Motorola 2 way radios, but can do far more.  They offer services like wireless data, dispatch, paging, and system rentals.  They can also assist with your FCC licensing.  And if you really need connectivity at Burning Man then they also have satellite phones.

Another success story is High Sierra Communications.  Dave has been building a microwave backhaul network around the region that can get you a T1 just about anywhere at prices that defy reason.  Plus his team is vigilant in the upkeep of their facilities and responsive to outages, even in the middle of winter when access is via snowcat only.  And as a bonus his homepage, linked above, has several live cameras on these mountaintops.

Speaking of snowcats, we have a great couple of guys in Bill and Ernie that combined may have 80 years of experience getting to the tops of these mountains in winter.   I will do a future blog on the snowcat scene because we have a burgeoning industry that deserves that I should do a little more homework before discussing.


Well, that’s it for today, I have family coming through and Sushi’s on the menu.  Thanks for your time.





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