Nevada Discovery Museum at the Aces ballpark

8 08 2011

Archie poses with fans.

I was wrong, I’ll publicly admit.  After watching year after year how the Moana ball stadium struggled to get 100 paid admission tickets sold, I didn’t think this town had any stomach for a semi-pro team in the Aces.   I love playing softball, but have never enjoyed watching the game.  I foresaw disaster for the stakeholders.  I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

The Nevada Discover Museum will be opening in a few short weeks.  They are doing community outreach now, building excitement for the children’s exploratory museum that is transforming the old city hall building.  They teamed with the Reno Aces to offer $10 tickets to yesterday’s game that included a NVDM T-shirt.  I jumped at the offer for a couple of reasons, I wanted to support the museum and I’m ashamed to say, had yet to visit the ballpark for a game.  Standing on the parking garage tower roof just isn’t the same, although it does bring back memories of the All Star game in Cleveland in ’97 but that’s a story for another day (my advise is to not fly into a town on All Star game day and expect to get a rental car or hotel -luckily U-Haul and the Athletic Club were available ).  I was stressed over 2 consecutive summer classes in addition to a full work load that gave me zero opportunities to relax so I gladly chose this event to decompress a little.  And what a great choice I’ve been missing.

Aces Ballpark at Night

The ballpark looks awesome.  The integration of the Freight House district was genius. The ability to chow down in AC comfort while watching the game was great.  The dance club was also vacant at 6:30 on Sunday as I would have guessed, but the other restaurants and bars looked to be fairly busy, including the “horseshoe” (bean bags and holes) pits.   The amenities all around the park are fabulous, from 2 Bocce Ball courts and Volleyball with a private BBQ/Bar area wasn’t being used last night, but certainly looked fun.  Even the General Admission area had plenty of picnic tables, a private terrace and is apparently sponsored by Captain Morgan (served under General Reno).  There is a kids play area including bounce house at this end of the stadium as well.  The NVDM volunteers had tables out with lincoln log/buckey balls for the children to play with.  I must say, even on this far end of the park, as in all the other sections I toured, the view was phenomenal.  The only thing I didn’t like were the $4 waters (thanks to the volunteers at the Trauma Intervention Program for handing out water bottles), and the tacos are definitely better than the cheesesteaks.

The Aces are at the top of their division (last nights game notwithstanding) and are looking good for fall ball and the playoffs.  Too often we get stuck behind the computer screens and fretting over the next deadline (or the ones recently passed).  Take four hours and get yourself down to the ballpark, even if you don’t like watching ball.  There is so much going on you may not even notice the game.  I hope the Aces will accept my apology and I’ll see you down there more often.

Thanks for reading.  And keep your eyes open for the opening of the Nevada Discovery Museum.  I’ll leave you with this teaser photo of the worlds largest climbing wall going up on the “Fitz” next to the Arch.

The Fitz Climbing Wall




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