Reno’s got balls.

10 08 2011

Silver Legacy (courtesy of RenosCasinos)

Some of the architectural features of the Reno skyline include 2 enormous dome structures.  Domes are very difficult to design and build.  These domes define the cities silhouette like the twin towers were such an integral part of the Big Apple visual effect.

The largest dome is located downtown at the Silver Legacy Casino.  It houses the silver mining derrick and the inside of the dome is used as an echo chamber to emphasize the cumulus cloud light show on the ceiling.  It gives the entire casino floor a sense that they are soon to be engulfed in a crashing thunder storm.

The smaller dome is about 2 blocks away at the National Bowling Stadium.  This 172 seat dome houses a 4 story IMAX (IWERKS) theater on the fifth floor above the bowling lanes.   I can only remember a brief time when they had public movies, but the theater is open for private parties and business meetings and can accommodate up to 70mm films.

There is one more ball, a rather animated affair.  I haven’t found his name yet, so I’ll call him Kilroy.




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