Nevada Discovery Museum set to Open soon.

22 08 2011

I had the opportunity to go to the pre-opening of the Nevada Discovery Museum on this last Friday night.  It was the official turn over of the “keys” from Q&D Construction (kudos to a job well done) to the museum curator.  Many of the donors and volunteers, and of course, their children, were able to tour the facility for the first time and see fruition of years of hard work.

My first impression was how clean and new everything looked.  Even from the landscaping and parking areas to the entrance and the atrium, gone are the remnants of decay from the long unused building.  The last time I was inside was a little more than a year ago.  It was but a concrete husk and the technology committee I volunteered with was trying to lay out and future proof the infratstructure.  It looked like tweakers had been at it for years removing every scrap of copper and old plumbing.  More like American Flats without the spraypaint than the City Hall I remember.   What a difference a year makes under the guidance of such veterans in the construction business and the museum BOD with such vision.

The museum is focused stimulating the tween and earlier crowd, although I think my wife and I both enjoyed the exhibits just as well.  The main floor of the museum still has a large open atrium and now it’s dominated by a mobile of hanging “clouds” surrounded by nets because the whole structure is actually a climbing maze.  There is also a real glider that is nosed into the upper level that the kids can work the flaps and ailerons.  The clouds represent the water source for Tahoe and the Truckee River exhibit on the main floor.  Here is a scaled version of our local ecosystem replete with NV Energy hydro power plants and Derby Dam.   Surrounding the atrium are themed rooms that are both educational and just plain fun.  From local history to future power supplies, the kids can touch, feel, hear and play with the exhibits.  There are picnic and party rooms available as well as rooms for doing arts and crafts and other more specific “experiments”.

I am not going to spoil all the exhibits for you because I want to see you down there.  The museum wasn’t yet at 100% so I can’t wait to go back myself as some of the more advanced rooms like the Compass Room are yet to open.  There is still work to be done on some of the other exhibits and the restaurant is not yet open.  Had I been more on top of my game I would have ticket prices but there are group discounts and season passes available.  This operation isn’t a money maker and depends on volunteers to keep the flow smooth, so treat those in the blue aprons with gratitude.  All the volunteers and anyone working with children do submit to a background check and facility has been built with the children’s safety as a first concern.

The opening will be in September so listen up for the date.  Your kids may just be in the know before you are.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I’ll see you down at the Discovery Museum.




2 responses

22 08 2011
Bret L Simmons (@drbret)

Glad to see you are still blogging, Paul!

23 08 2011

Absolutely, I plan on continuing as time allows. I’ve been trying to get a lot of camping in before classes start again next week, but I’m still trying to keep up at least one per week. I appreciate that you are also keeping up with my blog during this down time. Thank You.

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