Burning Man Technology

4 09 2011

It’s that time of year again when the stores are depleted of all water containers and about a week before the car washes are ankle deep in white playa mud as the burners wash off Black Rock City.  I’ve always said that it’s an experience that everyone should have at least once, certainly if you’re local.  One inescapable reality is the playful use of technology by the participants.

This is truly garage-band-esque, be it techno or steampunk or “omigodihavenoidea”.  There’s not much money involved since the normal mode is to see it consumed by fire.  At any rate, whatever goes out, isn’t coming back in the same shape (cars included) and everything must come back off the playa.  Reno is not only the major staging area for folks making the 100 mile trek, but it’s also where many of the projects are actually built.  I have no way of knowing how many are currently buzzing with activity, or have since succumbed to the full life cycle of burns past.  But I know that there are projects going on year ’round because they often advertise for help with certain things like welding or circuitry.  Unfortunately, I should have had some real pictures of some of the camps, but I am unable to access my network hard drive that I have all my personal pictures on.  And now isn’t the time to badger a burner that’s going to be hurrying to get out there.

Ironically, the Reno Gazette Journal had an article today on Hobson Square and a startup (International Arts Megacrew) that is hard at play there.  They are taking it seriously and mean to make a business out of it.  Good Luck to them, I know it’s going to be fun.  I’ll have to stop by in a couple of weeks after they have re-hydrated.

If it’s high tech fire effects with dance and musical performance art that you like (and it’s hard not to like when done this well), then check out Controlled Burn.  I’m not finding many youtube videos with the fire cannons in full effect so you’ll just have to make a date to see them.  Often they perform downtown during Artown and at the Nevada Museum of Art among other (outdoor) venues.

So if you aren’t already out enjoying Labor Day, then get off the computer and go enjoy the lovely late summer.  It will be snowing soon enough.

Thanks for reading.




One response

30 09 2011
Marc Roberts

Hi Paul, Thanks for writing. If you add me on FB I have pics posted from this year and last. Take care

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