About Paul

I am an electrical engineer by degree (’94 BSEE), and a telecommunications  radio frequency engineer by profession (Ericsson).  I will earn my MBA from Nevada May 2012.

I was born in Reno and was able to travel quite a bit as I built wireless cell networks across the US and Venezuela.  I know that our region is one of the best places to live.  My wife works in a local dental practice and my daughter is schooling at TMCC and we all love the family and friends we have made here.

We love the outdoors and do a lot of camping.  We have a couple of Nevada mustangs that we love to take out hiking with our border collies.  We also have two Land Cruisers (’64 FJ45 and a ’68 FJ40) that help us explore this great state.  I’m also into archery and scuba and puttering around on the Harley.

Professionally I have accomplished quite a bit.  Beginning with my activities at UNR during my undergraduate days, I was inducted into Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu engineering honor societies as well as Gold Key.  I was involved in other campus activities as well as Phi Delta Theta where I held several positions including VP, Recruitment and Training Chair.  I earned the Hans Wolff Award for outstanding Greek achievement in ’92.   I graduated into the working world where I started at an R&D lab (Allen Telecom Group) helping design filters and combiners.   This led me to Lucent Technologies where I worked my way up to being an MTS (Sr Engineer) and became a Customers Technical Advocate.  I was assigned to a Sprint affiliate program where I was assisting Sprint build out their mid level markets.  That’s when the opportunitty to come to Sprint and design the Reno/Ncal market came to me and I jumped on it.  That was in 2001 and I’m still involved with the design and performance of the Reno/Carson/Tahoe markets as well as California from Yuba City to the Oregon border.  I came to wear the Ericsson badge in 2009 after Sprint outsourced their entire field engineering and operations staff over to Ericsson.

I’m still involved with volunteering locally, most recently with the Nevada Discovery Museum downtown.  That will be a great little gem when it opens.  I hope it titillates young minds to explore the sciences.  What we need to do now is to fill the gaps and entice the high school age youths to get involved in engineering and technology.  I was lucky enough to be involved with Washoe County Schools Academically Talented Program from elementary school.  Not everyone has that chance.  So we can help provide this step by coming together as a “scene” to foment excitement.


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